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EXXX-men vid)

wow. Yeah. It's been a WHALE. Yes, i.e. whale-sized "a while". Blue whale, for that matter.

To cut a long story short

Title: X-tra
Song: E.T.
Artist: Katy Perry
Characters: pretty much everybody are here
Summary: another one with this song, yeah, I know, I know...)
Length: 2:33
Links: YouTube

ep I'll post sth more INFORMATIVE tomorrow xD

5 reasons to watch "A Nightmare on Elm Street"

5 reasons to watch new "Nightmare on Elm Street" movie:

1) Incredible Jackie Earle Haley (aka unforgettable Rorschah for Watchmen fans)
2) Fabulous Katy Cassidy (aka gracious Ruby for Superntaral fans)
3) Charming Thomas Dekker (aka adorable Zach for Heroes fans)
4) Disarming Kyle Gallner (aka surprising Beaver for Veronica Mars fans)
5) This is remake of the only one horror which used to scare me to death in childhood


critic lol

oh people I'm so sorry
I owe you tons of comments and even more
But I don't get enough sleep for about a month and still have really hard "work to do" at my two jobs and university.
this is hilarious:

If only we could get rid of Edward and Bella, I think I might actually become a fan.(c) Kevin Carr
This Man rocks)

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Yesterday night I was screaming, squealing, growling, stamping feet and using foul language A LOT. Oh my poor neighbors...
How could it be ever possible?
Manchester United - CSKA Moscow
3 : 3

When CSKA made it's first goal, my jaw fell off and air left lungs with silent whistle.
oh I'm a terrible patriot. xD
Manchester guys fought till the very end. Oh my. I'm sure CSKA would give up after 3d ball if they were in Red Devils' place.

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Owen was quite good) But I almost didn't notice my adorckable Rooney... Absolutely not his best game.

Look forward match with Chelsea on 8th of November =)

jess hoyt


I've just realized...there are only ~17 episodes left. Do you understand clearly? S-e-v-e-n-t-e-e-n. I can't stop thinking about it. It makes me lost. Of course I'm glad that Kripke doesn't want the show to become "Santa Barbara" or something, and decided to stop right in time. But! Seventeen!! And after that - nothing! No more Winchesters, no more evil, no more fighting. *cries

The cruel truth suddenly has overtaken me, lol. And it was me who blabbed too much last year about "how cool it is that the 5th season is the last one..." Oh, good old times, when you could watch 1st or 2nd season, enjoying carefree and do not worry about how and when all this will end. Actually, you even didn't assume that it will end someday. You know, EVER. Oh, so naive.